I know my crappy pics don’t fully illustrate my point
I’m just sick of going to movies or reading comics and out of the infinite possibilities out there for aliens, male aliens are the only ones who ever have any sort of variety

breathtaking and timeless

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It seems like cats never forgot the fact that they were worshipped as gods thousands of years ago 

what are you saying they’re still worshipped as gods. well at least in my household.


London — Starbucks on Kensington High Street. Outside looking in.

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world’s okayest friend

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Make Me Choose → anonymous asked: Gwaine or Lancelot

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this is for all the girls who are big girls that don’t have a skinnier middle than their butt and thighs 

the ones whos bellies hang over their underwear

who’s waist size is thicker than their shoulders, butt, or anywhere else on their bodies

who’s boobs are bigger than their butts, they have curvy lumps on their backs, muffin tops, chicken legs, thick arms and smaller bodies, no boobs, no butt, all middle, whatever.

you’re loved too. don’t forget that.

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Fifty fictional characters (in no particular order)


Sirius Black

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we live in a world where the pizza arrives faster than the police

Well the pizza driver faces consequences when their job isn’t done right.


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